My story...

I am a yoga teacher, a graduate of Yoga Pranala Intensive in 2013,
and Sama Yoga in 2011.

 I teach an harmonious combination of these 2 beautiful modalities, directly from the heart...
In my classes we slow down to became stronger. We learn to be gentle with ourselves, in order to be gentle with everyone and everything around. Moving the body and the breath to discover and unveil the space and the light within, to enhance self-love and create acceptance and worthiness by connecting with the energies that are continuously supporting us.
I am also passionate about the healing potential of Essential Oils. I like to incorporate these amazing gifts from Mother Nature during practice to shift and raise frequencies.

'' I discovered Yoga in India, in 2005 in an Ayurvedic Clinic.
I went over there to look for an alternative to traditional western medicine and I realized that yoga was a compulsory part of all the therapies and sister science of Ayurveda. Embracing all that, my life started to change..
My first teacher there was a little wise Indian man, super flexible and very passionate and respectful, devoted to the practice, the philosophy and the discipline. His English was very poor and he was not used to teach to westerners. For me it has been a blessing and the best, most authentic way to step into the path of Yoga!
Since then I kept studying, practising, exploring and looking for healing yoga everywhere, especially in India.
Here I became also part of the 'Oneness Movement'. Through the Oneness University, I met Shreshta Carol Asher, amazing alchemist and Aromatology teacher. I followed her seminars for 2 years and completed the formation to become an entitled 'master blender'. My passion grew more and I became an expert on Essential Oils Therapy and a connoisseur of the healing potentials of this amazing gift from Mother Nature, E O are perfect allies to use in yoga classes to shift and raise frequencies.
When, in 2010, I finally landed in Bali, I have been blessed to meet amazingly inspired and inspiring teachers at Intuitive Flow Yoga studio. Admiring their dedication, devotion and integrity my passion for Yoga raised to higher levels.
The next year I took an intensive deepening course of SAMA YOGA with my beloved teacher Sky Akasha, which qualified me as Sama Yoga teacher. During the 22 days of training, I deepened my practice and my knowledge. And also had the opportunity to start Vedanta classes with reverend teacher Swamiji Vajishanda Saraswati, who introduced me to the Vedic scripts and chants. I received guidance and knowledge, and inspiration to open my Heart to Gratitude, deeply liberating from conditioning and psychological suffering. After that experience - yoga became my life.
Having worked as a teacher and a mentor in other fields for many years, I felt ready and inclined to teach Yoga, share my own passion and the beautiful messages and means I have experienced transforming my self and my reality.
I apply for the Yoga Pranala Teacher Training under the guidance and supervision of my teacher Linda Madani, who has so much 
contributed to the beautiful unfolding of my life and my practice in the last few years.
I've been initiated and entitled to teach Mudra Pranala, a beautiful and graceful Balinese Healing Art, using hands movements to connect and move energies and forces in the body, within and without. It is an honour and a blessing every moment I step in the spot of Yoga Pranala teacher, in the beautiful studio where I had been an enthusiastic student for many years.