ESSENTIAL OILS, their properties and healing powers are one of my strongest passions.
I have been guided, not by coincidence, to personally meet Carol Asher, an authority in this filed and by attending her seminars for 3 years I have received accurate formation so as to be able now, after years of practicing, to be called ''master blender'' and be entitled to offer consultations and create a personalized formula with these magical and natural means for healing and well being.

However, Aromatology goes beyond the classical action of Aromatherapy which is mainly directed to cure the physical and emotional body.
Aromatology implies a connection with the ''energetic signature'' of the plant and goes also beyond those aspects and tap into its vibrational and spiritual ones. In fact the Oils themselves, when organically and carefully crafted, preserve the aliveness of the plant in form of bio-energy and vibrational frequencies that can naturally resonate with the human body in depth.

I use very special highly vibrating Essential Oils of the best quality, produced traditionally in the most authentic and respectful ways.
Because of that, I can prepare personalized formulas mixed in a blend that can be used safely everyday, for skin application, bath and shower therapy. Each drop of the blend carries the very vital force of the plant and its energetic message.
It is indeed so potent to immediately re-connect anyone with the Unconditional Love of Mother Earth and the immense generosity of the Plant Kingdom, whose Seva ( selfless service), among all other Kingdoms, is the most noticeable on our Planet.
The blends are created as a piece of music, harmonizing the notes of the aromas to perfect balance.
"Blends of essential oil are made up from 5-12 different single essential oils. Once the essential oils are blended together, they create a new entity and have a new identity.
No longer are they merely the sum of all the individual essential oils put together – they are that and more! A group energy or a collective is formed, which performs in a brand new way.
Think of it like a group of humans getting together and forming a group to achieve a goal.  The individuals in the group will have different talents and different tasks to perform to achieve the ‘goal’ of the group, but as a group they act as one, for a single purpose.
That’s how these blends work.
It is nice to know who is in the group (i.e. what essential oils are participating in the group effort). What’s really important however is the overall intention and purpose of the blend.
Creating the perfectly balanced essential oil blend – the magical mix of qualities and powers – is the special gift of a Master Blender :
 someone who ‘tunes in’ and works alchemically with the devas of the plants and essential oils to create these special synergistic blends.
They have been formulated to serve your highest good – for healing and wellbeing." by Shrestha Carol Asher

Aromatology is an antique system, used since the very beginning of Human History for healing purposes as for spiritual rituals alike.
We invoke and rely upon this antique and profound knowledge together with recent studies so as to deliver the most accurate work with most effective results.